Be the half of the battle (won)

Have you ever noticed how quickly most restaurants can get any number of dishes ready? It is rare for a restaurant to need more than ten to twenty minutes to prepare any given dish. The next time when you are in a restaurant, take a moment to ask yourself, how long it would take to prepare the same dish at home. So how do restaurants get the job done so quickly? The answer is “everything in its place”. A fair amount of preparation is required before you can start cooking. Restaurants know this, so they get things done in advance.

This idea is effective because it neatly divides the work into two categories: the tasks that need to happen in real-time and the tasks that can be done before the actual task to be done. You can save a great amount of time and bring great efficiency in the process if you prepare in advance for routine activities, for example taking sales order and material delivery from a warehouse.
Take away – Be half the battle (won) (

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