Management Consulting Manifesto

I am passionate about seeking better ways to practice business and management consulting. Writing down my views and values helps me become a better professional. Here is my manifesto:

• Do what’s best for the client before the consulting firm.

• Lead and practice ethically.

• Love the client and commit fully or leave at the earliest, ethical moment.

• Like the arts, mastery of leadership and business excellence are worthy pursuits.

• Practice consulting and avoid dispensing shallow advice.

• Apply analytics, process, and problem-solving rigor as your strengths to enlighten and lead versus obfuscate.

• Strive to introduce and apply principles of sustainability and social good wherever possible.

• Recognize limitations of consultative methods wherever they may be; seek noble, clever, and pragmatic solutions.

• Mentor colleagues and clients as appropriate and seek mentors to improve oneself.

• Pursue mastery of interpersonal and organizational communications; get clients as far as you can along the curve in terms of understanding, commitment, and resolve.

• Seek a balance between personal and business life that complements and strengthens one another.