What is Value Based Consulting?

Values-Based Consulting is built on a solid foundation of professional ethics, responsiveness, empathy, and commitment. We charge based on the value we are delivering, not a fixed or time-based pricing.  You will only need to pay when you see the results.

Do you offer gurarantee for your Consulting Service?

Yes, we offer a guarantee for our service that you will achieve the results or we will work with you at no cost until those results have been achieved.

How do you measure the results?

We focus on Results early with the end in mind. When consulting engagement is initiated, multiple levels of objectives are specified at five levels: reaction, learning, application, impact, and ROI. This metrics will measure the satisfaction, learning, success of implementation, changes in business, cost vs benefits and finally intangible benefits.

Do you develop any software application?

No, we do not develop any software application in house, however, we develop MS Office based application as per the requirements and recommend the ideal vendors available in the market.

Do you send junior staff during the Consulting engagement?

No, all my collaborative consultants are Principal Consultants with years of experience in the industry.